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    Birth Doula

    As a birth doula I will help mom and family prepare for birth, cope with birth, and recover from it. Three types of support that a birth doula provides: Physical support (comfort measures, like massaging and using hot/ cold therapy), Emotional support (suggesting different ideas that could help your labor progress if you feel stuck and creating a space for you), and Educational (like a walking textbook). Because every woman response to labor is different, the doula must be able to meet her clients’ particular needs. Meeting before the birth, working on a birth vision jointly (like a birth plan), attending the birth, helping with bonding and nursing. When mom develops this comfort with the doula and confidence in the birthing process, she tends to have a safe, satisfying, and successful birth. The “wrap-around care” that a doula offers is not provided by any other member of her birth team—it is truly a unique and special relationship.

    Postpartum Doula (Afterbirth)

    As a postpartum doula I would provide, light housekeeping, run short errands and in home laundry, (we also offer takeout laundry service, there is a fee for takeout laundry service) prepare nutritious meals, bathing, dressing, changing, swaddling, feeding, burping and entertaining infant/baby and any of the families' immediate needs. Educate mom about postpartum care and provide her with local resources and referrals.

    Overnight Doula

    An overnight doula cares for baby while mom and dad get's a full night of rest. As we all know a well-rested body heals fast and mom is less prone to get sick or get the Baby blue's 


    Laundry Service

    Overnight Service Available

    Wash, Dry, and Fold

    Free Consultation for all services

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