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Birth Doula Services

Full Birth service includes:
3 prenatal visits, Call/ Email or Text for any questions, Assist with writing up a Birth plan, I would be on call 24 hours a day starting at 37 weeks (if you need to contact me at any time due to early labor that is totally fine) Assist with birth up to 24 hours. After birth will stay with family for 1 hours to help with breastfeeding or anything you or your spouse may need. (After 24 hours there is an hourly rate not included in the service package of $25 hour.)
3 postpartum visits, calls or text for mama's needs and any help with baby, questions or assistants with breastfeeding.

Birth Package from $500 to $1500


Belly Binding

What is Belly Binding?

Belly Binding is a traditional Malaysian belly binding method. This special technique uses a long piece of cloth to wrap the entire torso from hips to breasts. For thousands of years women of various cultures around the world have understood the benefits and comfort that belly binding provides to postpartum mothers.  Some traditions are worth holding on to! 

Brings separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) back together
Stabilizes loose ligaments
Improves circulation
Relieves water retention
Helps dispel excess water, fat and air
Helps decrease back pain while providing back support
Reminds you to sit and walk straight - and a great remedy for the ‘nursing slouch’!
Helps the uterus, and surrounding organs return to their pre-pregnant state
And It feels awesome!     

Starting from $50 - $200

Planned Cesarean Birth Package

This package is for planned cesarean section.

Full service includes:

Initial Consultation, Unlimited prenatal support, Unlimited texts, Cesarean section support, we meet at the hospital for surgery date, will attend c-section in the operating room if desired, (if hospital policy allows me to enter OR) or I can wait in the recovery room. 1 hours of postpartum support after the cesarean to assist in breastfeeding, 

3 one-hour home visit after the birth.

Planned Cesarean Birth Package

                 from $300 to $500

Belly Casting 

Pregnancy belly casting is the process of making a plaster cast of an expecting mother's form.
The casting process is designed to allow the expectant mother to feel honored and pampered. Her comfort, well-being, and relaxation are prioritized throughout the visit. 
Only materials that are completely safe for both mother and baby/babies are used, and you can rely on the gentle hands. Babies seem to enjoy the massage they naturally get from the casting process also!
A professional-quality, lasting memento of the mother's beautiful, unique pregnancy shape is created, to be treasured as a lasting reminder and connection to this special time in the expectant family's lives.

Starting from $65.00 - $150.00

depending on Art and Accessories

Home Childproofing Services 

Inspection only    $50

A walk-through is preformed, and the tech would point out which areas need attention and what would be needed for safety (A print out report would be given to client) 

Inspection and Installation $50- $200

A walk-through the home will be done for inspection and safety tools would be provided and installed.

Childproofing Certification     $125.00

PBM will teach you how to become a child proofing tech. (A certificate of completion is given to tech.)

From 30 minutes to 24/7, we have services for every budget. I work with pay scales, payment plans and now we are also accepting Health Insurance. I am willing to work with everyone. No mother should struggle in this beautiful new journey called motherhood.

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