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My Story
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          Let me share with you how Pink, Blue and Mommy came to be. My name is Evelyn Rodriguez, and I know first-hand how busy life can be any day, but even more so after childbirth! These are the most exciting days of our lives, and also some of the most exhausting. I am the mother of four beautiful children. My first two were born after natural vaginal childbirth, however, my third wanted to make a statement, which she did, and a cesarean section was required. As all mothers know, childbirth takes a toll on your body. My husband had to return to work shortly after our newest addition. I was left to manage our three older tykes, our newborn, and housekeeping with a body that was still healing from surgery. I started to feel the baby blues, fatigued, and irritated, but was fortunate when my mother offered to help with the house so I could get some much-needed rest. Once I felt fully rested, I noticed I felt less moody. A few hours of rest made a tremendous difference in how I felt and I was in less pain from the cesarean section. At this time, I learned the importance of the healing power of rest and recovery. This was the moment when the wonderful passion for mommies was awakened, and Pink Blue and Mommy was born!

RI State Board Certified
Birth/ Postpartum and Overnight Doula  

Standard CPR/ ADE (Adult/ Child/ Infant)
Food Handler Licensed 
HIPAA Certified
9 years of Experience 
Fertility Doula
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Belly Binding 
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